The Market Tableau interactive is an educational game about medieval long distance trade. It is accessible for children and adults with its eye-catching graphics and interesting stories based on original archival sources from the period only. The feature narrative tells to choose a character on his trading route. The educational aspect is straightforward. Users get all the information from the original source text coming out during the interaction. The information delivers clues about which products to choose to exchange trade products and as a result be able to wander to the next city. The narrative is at the same time very engaging and of high educational value, as it teaches the ways of medieval exchange trade products and presents how people used to access new destinations.

Medieval “bracteates” are very small coins. The original object “the small coin” as a part of the Museum's collection in a showcase is very tiny to explore. The way to work with interactive multimedia is to expand the objects' potential into an application narrative. There more coins can be explored in high resolution and more information about them gained. An engaging “make your own coin with Your own name on it” appears in the game and visitors love it!

An interactive Talmud table. Gives the opportunity to get familiar with the structure of the Talmud, but also explains which books it is based on and what each of them deals with. The user can explore some example passages from the source and its commentaries that prove the Talmud to be anenormous source of knowledge.

Find yourself in the 16th century scholar’s library with its beautiful books to explore. Each book is not just a presentation of the text and its translation. It’s a creative narrative with eye-catching graphics that reflect the story. This example shows the story of the Zohar. A kabalistic illuminated book with its sephirot tree to study.

A huge multimedia installation of the model of the Cracow city. Explore the story on 8 big 46” inch interactive touchscreens and walk through the 16th century Cracow/Kazimierz area. Above it you can find a huge projection on a hanging panel telling an introduction to the story. Projections from the ceiling on the model itself make the whole installation a visual experience and allows visitors to focus on the main object in that gallery.

Explore the symbolic and messianic meaning of the synagogue’s roof by looking through the interactive narrative.

Find out about the social relations in a small town of the 17th century. On two combined 46” inch frameless touchscreens.

Build the space of the Bund by exploring the story together with other visitors on 46” inch social interactive table.

Find yourself in a youth club of the 50s/60s and explore the story behind the youth festival taking place in Warsaw in 1955. A colorful episode of the country’s and the city’s history. With thousands of visitors from 114 countries.