An abstract forest grows in a contemporary installation made of glass. A continuous projection on four thick glass panels delivers legends of the first settlers on Polish land.

Each panel has its own projector, all four of them are synchronized with one another, so the story is a continuous strip. The forest and the animals are an animated masterpiece. Each of the tree branches is made by hand and animated frame by frame. That’s how to achieve an abstract visual with natural movement. The sound speaker technology is installed in the glass panels, making glass itself into a speaker. That’s why there was no need to damage the minimalistic architecture of the space by applying ceiling speakers.

The train station is a continuous 360 degrees projection using eight synchronized projectors. The visitor is surrounded by the 2D animation based on archival footage of the 19th century visual story of: “trails building”, “migration”, “industrialisation”, & “urbanization”. The circle line continuous movement has to evoke the speed-up of the times to the visitor. On the filmic examples below and above the complexity of this projection is visible, not only because of the synchronization of four different projected elements, but also because of the size of the walls covered by stuccowork on the facades. Finally the mapping had to be prepared according to the wall/faced measurement, stuccowork and the resolution of the projectors.

‘The Street’ is inspired by prewar shopping streets. A reconstruction of them was done in color and as a filmic projection directly on the architecture of the facades with stuccowork. The measurement of the architecture and the adjustment of the projections was of big significance in order to make a clear projection without any distortions. This involved hours of adjustments and, as to be seen in the movie below, perfectly adjusted animation. The final effect is a wonderful harmony between architecture and projected content. The realism of 3D leaves visitors standing in the middle of the street space with outstanding feeling.

The Besht movie projected animation is a combination of painted trees & flora on the walls with the animation itself. It was significant to make a measurement of the projection space and mask the animation during production in the studio, so the final film could perfectly match the painted background. It is another good example of a symbiosis between the interior architecture design and multimedia.