About me

I graduated from the National Film School in Łódź, [Camera & Cinematography department].
I create and produce audiovisual content for museums & galleries with an aim to support education through entertainment of high visual and narrative quality. I work directly with curators and scholars to translate complex materials into a visitor friendly visual narrative.

I am active as a filmmaker of short, classy, aesthetic value films. I work on concepts, direct, shoot and edit. I also get support of my team of animators, art directors and others needed for my projects. My project for the new Museum POLIN in Warsaw received the European Museum of the Year Award and the 2016 European Museum Academy Prize. .

As a creative director of audiovisual content of the core exhibition I was responsible for creating the whole multimedia workflow from scratch. I produced 72 interactive narrative applications, 110 film projections, 96 sounds and 3 complex projection mappings. Please See my chosen work examples below.

Thank YOU.


Narratives for touchscreens and devices are the most common experience nowadays. But it is not the technology, which is catching. It is all about the engaging narrative and user experience design.